Will a New Head Lice Treatment Work any Better?

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It seems that despite the general belief that head lice are on the decline, pharmaceutical companies keep creating more and more products to treat possible infestations. A brand new head lice treatment may come with all the right approvals and recommendations; but will it really work any better than homemade alternatives?

Before using any new over the counter solutions, it's important to spend a little time finding out about these products. Far too often we live in ignorant bliss as a consumer, but when chemicals and children are involved, it's obviously important to take the time to be informed.

Chemical Based Treatments

• Pesticides/Insecticides – There are a range of over the counter medications and products that include pesticides and insecticides. These types of chemical substances attempt to poison the insects living in the hair. Although these may have proven successful in the past, it seems the parasites are developing a tolerance or defense against this type of chemical solution, growing impervious to the poison used; they seem to have found a way evolve immunity to the products like bacteria has against antibiotics. Add to this the fact that these particular products have a history of causing complications and allergic reactions with children.

• Silicon – A new treatment range introduces silicon, instead of insecticides, to the beasties. Rather than trying to poison the parasites, these try to smother them. The hope is that the insects will be unable to develop an adequate defense against this solution.

The problem with both of these chemical based solutions is that they only combat the insects on the host. They are useless against the nits (insect eggs), and neither solution will help to remove any surviving insects lingering in the home.

The thing to remember with any of the available treatments is just because they're new doesn't mean they're any more likely to work than any other treatments. In fact, more and more parents are now using the internet to look at home remedies. Home remedies may seem more like potions and lotions; but you would be surprised at the number of parents that would choose products from their kitchen cupboard over products from their local pharmacy.

Despite not being a particularly fresh treatment for parasites or infestations, a nit comb remains, without a doubt, one of the most important tools in your fight against the wingless parasites. If you do decide to go down the chemical treatment route, then disregard the plastic complimentary combs that come with these treatments. The plastic combs are not very durable. For a little extra money, you can have a proper metallic nit comb (with metal teeth). These offer far better value for money.

If you think you may opt for the silicon treatments, then have a look online for the homemade alternative known as the smothering method/technique. This will teach you how to use everyday items to achieve the same or a similar effect as the silicon.

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A new head lice treatment is not always the answer you had hoped for. Before you start spending money on expensive treatments, give home alternatives a try. You could be pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness, and they're a lot more affordable that pharmaceutical products.Nancy Williams is a regular mom who has researched head lice treatments and wants to share her knowledge with other parents. For more information about any New Head Lice Treatment, Visit Head Lice Information.


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Will a New Head Lice Treatment Work any Better?

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    Jess 5643- 2010/09/27 23:28:46 pm

    Chemical based products are harmful to children and they often do not work. I've read news articles and watched segments saying that lice have become immune to a lot of the over the counter products like Rid and Nix. I think its safe to say that prevention is the key to lice. Why wait until your kids come home scratching their heads to take care of this issue? If prevention is an option I urge parents to do it, it truly is the best thing you can do. I've been using Rosemary Repel prevention prodcuts in my kids and I must say they have kept my kids lice free. My daughter went to a sleepover birthday party and I found out a few days later a little girl at the party had lice and infected some of the girls. My daughter did not have it! Prevention is key, its the only way to ensure your kids wont come home scratching their heads.

This article was published on 2010/09/26