What To Look For While Buying Diatomaceous Earth Products

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If you are looking for information on buying diatomaceous products, then certainly you are wise enough to make your best choice. Although diatomaceous earth (DE) powder is marketed everywhere as a chemical-free, safe and eco-friendly product, the user might end up in trouble if he is not using the right kind of DE. Any particular DE product is processed to fit certain specific domestic use. And you should know how to distinguish the right ones from the rest of the lot so as to ensure safety and maximum benefit from your diatomaceous use.

When you are buying any DE products, you should be aware of the nature of diatomaceous earth you need. By "nature" I infer the application of DE product you wish to buy. If you are unaware of the details, it would be wise to do some reading about the topic before deciding what you need. There is lot of information available online about diatomite and DE products, including benefits and hazards.

Use of Diatomaceous earth used in medicated products is EPA and FDA approved. First and the foremost fact you should know about DE is that they are broadly classified into two forms. Food grade or food quality DE and non food grade DE. When you are buying any kind of DE powders or products meant for humans or livestock ensure that you they are approved as food grade products.

If you are buying it as a safer option to keep your garden, house or garage free of pests and insects, then you are looking for a mineral-based insecticide made from crushed diatomaceous rock. Note that the product is not a pool grade DE. Pool grade DE is meant for filtration of water in swimming pools. Both these DEs are quite different in their chemical composition.

Pesticide or insecticide DE is composed of around 33 percent silicon, 20 percent of calcium, 3 percent magnesium, 5 percent sodium and 2 percent iron. It may also contain minerals like titanium and copper but in minute quantities. You may check the package for such composition details. DE pesticides and insecticides are non toxic; however, if you are sensitive to dust particles or is allergic to irritants, then you should avoid the using the product. Diatomaceous earth powder contains very fine particles that may cause irritation to the linings of respiratory tract. Yet if you really need to use the product, you can use a safety mask to cover your mouth and nose. This should not cause any issues whatsoever.

If you are looking for pool filtration DE, better check with your nearest pool company. Pool grade DE products are chemically treated hence you should closely follow the filtration instructions. Look for a quality product and make sure the quantity you buy is sufficient for treating the entire pool water thoroughly. Buy towards the end of the spring season. Usually the retailers try to finish their stock by then and certainly you can grab the best discount of the year.

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What To Look For While Buying Diatomaceous Earth Products

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This article was published on 2011/01/05