Telemarketing - 5 Huge Secrets to Jump Start Your Telemarketing

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There are so many ways to sell any type of products and services these days. You can promote them on expos and trade shows or sell them online. Another effective way is through telemarketing or the process of using your phone to talk to your prospects about your offer and hopefully, get them to buy from you later on.

I wouldn't lie about it; telemarketing is not exactly the easiest way to generate sales but it is still one of the most effective. Thus, it's really worth a try.

Here's how you can jump start your telemarketing:

1. Build a high quality list. If you don't want to waste a single minute on people who will not surely buy from you, make sure that you use a high quality list that contain only those people who are truly interested on what you sell. Instead of buying a list from online companies, I recommend that you build your own. You may put an opt-in form on your website or blog or convince people to sign up through article marketing and blogging.

2. Pre-call planning. Before you grab that phone, make sure that you know your main objective in calling your prospects. Sometimes, it's not really to make an outright sale but to make an appointment. Make sure that you have a compelling sales script that can guide you all throughout. You must also have canned rebuttals to address usual objections. Of course, you need to have the necessary software and phone line.

3. Ask for the decision-maker. Do not pitch your products or services unless you are talking to the decision-maker so you can save your time and energy. When talking to the screener, strive to be warm and friendly as much as possible as this is the person who'll determine if you'll have a chance to speak with the decision-maker.

4. Pay close attention to your tone. Although your objective is to make a sale, you can't really sound too pushy when doing your telemarketing -- clients simply hate it. Be persuasive but not in an annoying manner. It's important that you project confidence in your voice. It would help if you have in-depth product knowledge and that you truly believe on what you sell. It will surely make a difference.

5. Communicate the benefits of your products. Hook your prospects on the call by highlighting the benefits of your products (what it can do to help your clients). Buyers simply love it when they know what they can get ahead of time should they decide to make a purchase.

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Telemarketing - 5 Huge Secrets to Jump Start Your Telemarketing

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This article was published on 2010/04/03