Team Fundraisers: Execute Your Plans Well

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Team Fundraisers: Execute Your Plans Well

The planning phase is always considered as the most important part of team fundraisers. However, you also need to keep in mind that plans need to be executed well in order for them to give you the results that you need. If you want your fundraising campaigns to be really successful, you have to do more than just laying down plans and writing goals and objectives. You must think but you must also take action.

Once the products, services, or events that people want to do for their team fundraisers have been decided, the next most important thing that they need to do is to choose an ideal market. The market of team fundraising campaigns basically refers to the type of people to whom the products and services will be sold to. For instance, if you decide on selling scented pencils in one of your campaigns, it would be ideal for you to choose preschool and elementary school students as one of your target clients. In other words, you need to have a look at your products and services so that you can determine to which type of people they will be most saleable to. When you define your core market, it would be good for you to ask all of your volunteers to make a list of people to whom they can easily sell your products to. Each member should have at least 10 persons on his or her list. Once everybody’s done with their lists, you can then gather all of those up and make a final list of prospective customers. A good way to start your list is by writing down family members, relatives, and friends because these people will be your strongest supporters.

Next, you need to formulate a strategy that will help you generate more customers. This is particularly important for event fundraisers and campaigns that sell out services such as a car wash. However, this is also applicable for product fundraisers. If you plan on selling out products so that you can raise money, you can either choose to a door to door sale or set up a booth in high traffic places where a lot of people will be visiting on a regular basis. If you choose to go with the latter, the parking areas of shopping malls and other big establishments in your community would be a good spot for your sales booth but be sure to ask permission from the owner before you do so. For a door to door sale, you need to compose a good sales pitch or sales script in order for your volunteers to effectively convince their customers to buy the products that you have to offer.

After this, you need to develop a list of tasks that your volunteers need to do. Then, equally divide these things but be sure to assign the right tasks to the right persons. In other words, assign a certain task to a person based on his talents or capabilities. Lastly, get the balls rolling by starting your campaign.
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Team Fundraisers: Execute Your Plans Well

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This article was published on 2010/12/21