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As the proprietor of a small but growing cheese company in the Cotswolds, I am constantly looking at ways of marketing my company and one of the ways Ive decided to go is product sampling. A few months ago I managed to sell my cheese to one of the better known national supermarkets so its obviously a very exciting time for us. One of the things that I decided to do to get our cheese more noticed was to have product sampling in the stores. Product sampling is a great way to get our tasty but not very well known cheese out into the consciousness of the wider public.

Product sampling can obviously be done in lots of ways but I simply wanted some attractive girls in the supermarkets to offer out our cheese with a cracker. I cannot tell you how the product sampling increased our profile to the British population. Combined with some other marketing techniques, as well as the product sampling, our unique cheese became the talk of the town. Within one month we had gone from a small obscure cheese company to one of the most talked about cheese companies of the day.

To anyone else who is considering product sampling I would urge them to give it a go. We went to a great company called which offers a whole host of marketing strategies to take care of our product sampling. I must say they did a terrific job from start to finish. They supplied all the girls and T-shirts and all the promotional paraphernalia associated with the product sampling. We really do live in a competitive market these days and you have to give your business the best chance of success possible. So to anyone who is considering this option please dont waste any time; follow my lead and watch your business go from strength to strength.
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Product Sampling

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This article was published on 2011/01/27