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Product design and Product Development are the main pillars for any product development company to succeed in the world market and create a benchmark for others. Most of the companies today are engaged in manufacturing of some kind of goods. The product designing done earlier  were meant to create an outlook of the product through hand drawings but now with changing times, the prototyping techniques involve in product designing have also changed.

The look and feel of the product plays an important role in its succession in any market. The product designing teams in most of the companies are now equipped with many latest prototyping technique i.e. the Rapid Prototyping Technique. With the evolvement of the rapid prototyping techniques the product designers now have the facility to increase the effectiveness and attractiveness of the product. There are various tools in aforesaid prototyping technique that helps to check and various gradients are applied over the product to test the look the best look.

The attractiveness of the product not only helps to make the look of the product better but also helps the company to cover the manufacturing deficiency if the product has some. With the help of latest available prototyping techniques, now the prototypes made can also be checked and changes can be made to improve them.

Sustainable development has become an important factor, with considerations such as using recycling materials, reducing waste in production, increasing energy efficiency, eliminating toxins and extending product life, which will enhance the designing of the product.

Designing a product is a very complex task, so it is at its best when broken down into various phases such as Designing, Research, Barinstorming, Digital Prototype and Physical Prototype or there could be many other possibilities of defining the various phases of Product Designing.

With the help of 3D printing prototyping technique the prototype can now be visualized in the 3D form. The prototypes are generated with the help of 3D model printers. This is the latest advancement in rapid prototyping field and has become quite popular as clients can now have a look at their products in 3D form. The products generated through 3D printing prototyping have the same look and feel as that of the original product.

The Product design acts as a Human Body and development is the soul that makes that body work. The quality of  Product design and development acts as the main ingredient of the product because no matter how good and attractive the design is, if it is not developed perfectly, it will not survive in the market.

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Product Design and Development

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Product Design and Development

This article was published on 2011/10/18