Product Creation - 5 Themes For Product Creation

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Online product creation can learn a lot from traditional products. Every product is made with the intention of serving some purpose. In order to help you to come up with different product ideas, I will share with you 5 themes. You can develop a product that educates, solves a problem, entertains, inspires or is simply a collectible item. Here is a short explanation of each theme.

• Product that educates: If you write an e-book on photography and explain the complete details of how to click photos, what angles are the best ones, how to take care of the lighting, how to develop the photos, and so on, you are informing your target audience in the field of photography. Those who want to learn the art would definitely be interested in such a product. Similarly, you can develop a video that shows how to paint a picture with water colors or how to plant a seed and grow it into a plant.

• Product that solves a problem: Let us say you have developed software that helps people to find friends on the internet and develop relationships. This can help a lot of internet marketers to solve their problem of connecting with people who share similar interests. So the software becomes a product that solves a specific problem. There is no information to be imparted. Another example of a product that solves a problem could be Paypal since it helps you to receive and send money to other people online.

• Product that entertains: Supposing you make a video product that shows a dance item, then the product is purely for entertainment. You are neither solving any problem not giving any information. Such kinds of products are also profitable since many people are willing to pay for entertainment products. Another example of such a product could be computer games. Many games like World of Warcraft have already become a craze all over the world.

• Product that inspires: Products like an e-book with quotes from great leaders of the world become an inspiration to other people. Even a collection of inspiring songs or tunes can be an example of this type of product.

• Product that is collectible item: If you simply package a collection of rare stamps into a digital presentation, it might become a product that is sought after. Although the stamps are not physical, people would like to collect a digital version. Other examples of collectibles could be rare photo albums and so on.

You can select any of the above themes to develop your online product.

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Product Creation - 5 Themes For Product Creation

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This article was published on 2010/03/28