Product Creation - 5 Great Product Ideas

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The Internet has opened the world to digital products. On the internet, products are conceptualized, manufactured, sold and delivered. Just note how the MP3 format has revolutionized the music industry. Any piece of music that you like can be downloaded in an instant. Similarly, you can download electronic versions of popular books. If you also want to develop and sell digital products, here are 5 product ideas.

• E-books: This is the simplest of digital products. Any individual who wants to start an online business can begin by creating e-books. All you need is some writing skill. Even if you do not want to write yourself, you can outsource and get the work done. You can choose any topic of your interest or something that will attract your target audience. E-books are very easy to produce, update and share. That makes them highly popular on the Internet.

• Audio books: An e-book contains words but not a voice. How much more effective would it be if there were a voice to your message. This is done with an audio book. Sound is a much more powerful medium than plain words. That is the reason many people flock to seminars given by good speakers. With MP3 technology, production and distribution of audio products has been greatly simplified.

• E-courseware: This is an emerging field. If you are an expert in some field, you can offer a full-fledged training course on the Internet. The complete process of registrations, course delivery and evaluation can be conducted online. The course can be delivered through emails, through your website or even video-conferencing. Customers prefer this way of learning because it offers a lot of convenience and customization.

• Digital products: If you have the necessary skills, you can create one or more digital products like images, wall papers, screen savers and fonts. These are highly popular products and people are willing to shell out money to purchase them. If you are able to produce these products consistently with high quality, you can earn a large income through their sales.

• Software applications: If you have programming skills, you can think of developing software applications. There is a huge market for software programs which perform simple to complex tasks. You can even develop programs for other people on a freelance basis. If you develop your own programs, you can either sell them or license them. Many developers offer a limited version for free use and additional features on a paid basis.

The opportunities are immense. All you need is to identify them and cash in.

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Product Creation - 5 Great Product Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/03/28