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In my office, it is an unwritten tradition for all the officers to gather at the end of every year to celebrate the annual end-of-the-year party. Owing to my long experience in things of social nature like this party of ours, I was indisputably chosen as the events manager for the last years end-of-the-year party. In accordance to our laid-down traditions and procedures, officers are expected to contribute their quota to the purchase in bulk of all the Nicole Miller metallic materials that will be needed.

About 15 years ago, Nicole Miller metallic products won the official bid in my office. These included Nicole Miller Eyeshadow, Nicole Miller lipstick and a host of others. It was unanimously chosen by the officers themselves for quite a number of reasons. The most symbolic of these reasons was that the colour of the metallic materials blended perfectly well with our uniforms. Therefore, it was as if the materials were specially made or customised for the immigration officers. This made our end-of-the-year parties very unique and was highly successful in arousing the fire of interest and attention from colleagues in other wings of the paramilitary. These include the Customs, Civil Defence and the Road Safety Corps. I must also add that these lovely materials must have also stoked the fire of jealousy in others.

You really have to attend one of our end-of-the-year parties in order to fully grasp the kind of atmosphere that is always conjured by the Nicole Miller metallic products. Everywhere you look, you see Nicole Miller designs used by the officers who normally attend the parties with their spouses, except those that are yet to marry of course! The most interesting thing is that the only year that we did not use Nicole Miller products, we lost our highly-coveted award for the Best Organised Party to a rival association (the Customs!). Ever since, we made sure that we did not repeat that mistake again. For now, the award is ours for keeps, as long we keep using our magic formula!

Apart from the fact that the colour blends well with our uniforms, the Immigration officers have fallen in love with the Nicole Miller metallic products for quite a number of reasons. The first reason is economic. As civil servants, the immigration officers find the products quite affordable. To them, it is possible to buy designer labels without burning a hole in your pockets! Another reason is that the products of Nicole Miller are of legendary quality. They are so durable and of high quality that we all forget completely about other brands anytime the officers are considering quality. For years, we have used these products, they have been tested and tried and there are no plans of ceasing!
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Nicole Miller Metallic

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This article was published on 2010/12/10