Natural Vs Organic Personal Care Products - Part II

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In our Part I article pertaining to our personal care product websites, they would be segregated into three parts. One would refer to state of the art or artificial products, the 2nd would be Natural and the third would be Organic. The necessity to segregate the products into these categories was because Natural and Organic are used together and also separately.

Natural vs. Organic are confusing because they get used so much as meaning the same thing and they are not. we hope to clarify the the use of the two when it comes to products. When you look at the definition of the word "Natural" the use of the word has changed over the years. In "Websters Universal Dictionary," copyrighted in 1936 the definition takes up a column 2 and one half inches wide and 11 plus inches long. If you look at "Webster's New Dictionary & Thesaurus," copyrighted in 1996, the space takes up 5/8" high and 2-1/2" wide. So have we come to a period that most people know and understand what "Natural" means and what natural products are?

My interpretation or definition would be that we are dealing with nature such as a plant and a product produced from that plant and it is not artificial. An example would be a Tomato plant which is natural and produces a natural fruit, the tomato.

According to some people the beauty industry is and is going to be more dependent on the natural and organic trend. This is the fastest growing section of the cosmetic market. Research by companies and public concern, we have access to thousands of products that embrace new solutions each year. the natural brand products can stand alone against the most renowned artificial and chemically produced personal care products. The natural products are better for your skin, hair and body as a whole.

Natural products can or are often labeled as bio-active, which means the skin can recognize and work with the natural elements and make use of the natural ingredients. Natural has therapeutic uses and can be used by our skin to rejuvenate itself. These products can induce real improvements in the structure and quality of personal care. Over time you will notice and see significant changes in health and appearance of your skin and body. If you are not sure of any product whether artificial, natural or organic make sure you read the labels- If you do not know what an ingredient is, search the Internet or ask a professional.

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I want to thank the people who have researched natural products and furnished much of the technical 8information. Visit my next Article-"Organic-What is the Difference?" Part III

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Natural Vs Organic Personal Care Products - Part II

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This article was published on 2010/03/31