MARSHA KENT. DRTV- The power of visual communication

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Marsha Kent, one of the ardent supporters of the DRTV medium of marketing, vouches for its success as a logical, structured and scientific communication and sales medium. According to this dynamic professional, DRTV enables marketers to:

  • Develop
  • Test
  • Implement
  • Measure and
  • Modify

their programs and strategies to increase the rate of response of the consumer population.

DRTV is a fool-proof and 100% accountable system, where the advertiser can monitor exactly how much business is drawn from such creative efforts. Marsha Kent feels that the primary reason why DRTV is successful is because of the detailed product demonstration shown on TV, followed by the price range, which appeals to a whole lot of customers. Marsha Kent has actively promoted many products that have gone to become huge successes, mainly products like exercise equipment,diet,health and weight merchandise,videos,beauty equipment and beauty cosmetics.

According to her, finding that break through the clutter product is the real thing. “No matter how good your product is, if it does not have that ‘special something’, it will not sell. Honestly. That’s how the consumer market works!”, she says! She goes on to give us some tips that will be of great help to marketers and DRTV advertisers. These are some questions, she says that one should ask before hitching on to the DRTV wagon:

  1. Is your product really ‘special’ or is it just another ‘just-about-good’ product?
  2. Does your product really solve a major problem of the consumer?
  3. Can your product be demonstrated well on the television medium?
  4. Does your product have the capacity to be developed into a brand?
  5. Is your product relevant, is it related to the current consumer environment?
  6. Do the margins that you envision support the DRTV model?

Every year, Marsha Kent says, the DRTV market has been growing at a healthy rate of 10-11%, volumes have been consistently increasing, thereby comfortably redeeming the bottom line. Sales over the DRTV medium are projected at around $40-50 billion, a healthy figure, by all standards. Marsha is optimistic about the future of DRTV. She says, “ Even now, the real potential of this medium can be explored even further. As we all know, one picture is worth a thousand words; the consumer does not have the time to read the newspapers or follow product information in magazines or manuals, but if he is shown the product, given a detailed walkthrough through every inch of it, he immediately forms a positive response for it. More often than not, just one DRTV infomercial is enough to convince him into buying it”, she says.

Marsha Kent has helped sell a wide assortment of products through the DRTV route. All of them have met with stupendous success, with their sales grossing more than a million dollars in just weeks of their being launched. “The Infomercial has to carry every little detail of the product that you are wishing to sell. As I always say, go all out with your Infomercial to bring the customer in!” ends Marsha, grinning.

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MARSHA KENT. DRTV- The power of visual communication

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MARSHA KENT. DRTV- The power of visual communication

This article was published on 2012/04/08