Make Money Flipping Your Stuff

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Do the CraigsList / eBay Two Step

Even though selling your possessions on eBay and CraigsList can bring you fast cash, eventually you'll run out of things to sell... and the money dries up.

The solution? Start selling other people's items.

The quickest way to do that is by buying items on eBay and selling them on CraigsList, or vice versa. You can even place "want ads" on CraigsList for specific items that you know will sell well on eBay, negotiate with the seller for a low price, and flip them for a profit on eBay or other niche auctions or marketplaces. You can also use sites like to buy or sell items.

Here's the key - sell what you know. And if you don't know much about an item, use eBay's "past auction" search feature to get an idea of how much your item will likely sell for. If you're not sure that you can make a profit, then don't buy it.

Flipping Offline Products Online

Here's an idea that is very similar to the last - except in this case, you seek out items offline to buy, and then sell them online for a profit. Of course you can also seek out online products to buy and sell them offline.

Here are a few ways to raise quick cash flipping offline products online:

• Attend yard sales, estate sales and offline auctions to find products to resell.

• Attend flea markets, craft fairs and similar events to find products.

• Place want ads in your local newspaper to seek out "hot" products to resell.

• Visit stores that are going out of business to secure liquidated merchandise you can resell.

• Seek out closeouts, overstocks and liquidated merchandise online and offline through publications and sites like The Closeout News.

Once you get the merchandise in hand, selling it is easy. Simply go to, CraigsList, USFreeAds or niche marketplaces to move your products fast.

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Make Money Flipping Your Stuff

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This article was published on 2010/03/29