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Lack of national standards consumer no choice "Antimicrobial" has become a new selling point for home appliances. However, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and the Chinese anti-bacterial materials and products industry association leader told reporters in the uproar of "antibacterial" sound, because there are no national standards, many of whom are speculative and exaggerated: Some products only in the door handles on the refrigerator with the antibacterial material, also called themselves "anti-bacterial products"; the market for a number of

Air conditioning , Purifiers and even said to remove formaldehyde

Decoration Pollution, but in reality, these products are not as they described it.

Antibacterial concept that is not clear

Reporters yesterday in home appliances Marketplace See a lot of air conditioning manufacturers have played "

Health "Brand, the price is higher than the average number of household appliances.

Air conditioning is "health appliance" in a kind of publicity most momentum, almost all stores

Brand Air conditioning would have several prototype labeled "healthy"

Label . Some claimed that the "machine sterilization rate is 92.2%" some air in front of the "health" has done a particularly eye-catching word processing.

The antibacterial function, refrigerator and Washing machine Not to be outdone, some brands claim that their washing machine, "a comprehensive anti-bacterial system." The antibacterial function of home appliances claimed most of the words to describe the high-tech and more added to the mystery??? Physical adsorption, ion,

Photocatalyst Cold catalyst, light wave technology, silver ion technology, a wide variety of health technology consumers confused. A customer complained to reporters, said: "these concepts get Dounong I do not know, how to judge which is better then?"

Released this week, but according to a set of home appliances to monitor data: Most of the consumers to buy air purification function value decontamination. This shows that the health of consumers is also rising demand for home appliances.

Standard publicity confusion caused by lack of

Yesterday (February 27, 2006) Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said: some degree of antibacterial products exaggerated, consumers generally difficult to judge, they are unable to control. Some of the refrigerator with the door handle is just the antibacterial material, they also called themselves "antibacterial" products.

According to Wang, there is a claim that could get rid of a decorated Air pollution, but by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention testing environment, this air purifier type air-conditioning is in use only about 70% removal of the air of smoke dust, some bacteria and other particulate contaminants present, but for formaldehyde, benzene and other gas-like decoration pollution has no effect. "If you want to remove formaldehyde and other air pollution-type fitting, or recommend consumers to open the window

Ventilation . " Antibacterial materials and products of China Association full-time Deputy Secretary-General Lu Kaimin told reporters that countries are developing "home

Electricity Antimicrobial device sterilization standards ", the current

Package Including footwear, Floor , Home appliances, through their associations, only 200 certified antibacterial products. Antibiotic on the market today promotion was a little confusing.

The professionals stressed that under the national "Product Quality Law," enterprises in product performance commitments


, The instructions and information must be the same color page. For antimicrobial products, the state has not announced prior to the relevant standards, the experts say consumers can look at whether the "anti-bacterial signs" to identify, this is the anti-bacterial materials and products industry (CIAA) the special logo. If some products do not add "antibacterial sign" claiming to be antibacterial, consumers should look at this product has no national authority inspection reports issued by the antibiotic, only with CMA-certified test report to be effective.

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Lack of health appliance standards promote confusion caused by bacteria - health, standards, advocacy - HC Network Appliance Industry

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Lack of health appliance standards promote confusion caused by bacteria - health, standards, advocacy - HC Network Appliance Industry

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