Isagenix, For real Or Not?

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Weight loss, supreme health, energy and vitality is what's promised by Isagenix products. What a great deal! But is Isagenix a scam?

I've noticed in my last 7 years of Network Marketing that there will come a point with every opportunity that someone will say it's a scam, there are varying reasons for this, maybe because they tried and failed.

As I am not an Isagenix distributor you don't need to worry about me trying to pitch you. Being a network marketing business they are marketing in the health products market. On the menu is nutritional, supplemental, skin care and weight loss products.

Let's get it dealt with now, is this company a rip off?. Have you seen the products for sale? You can't say it's a pyramid, there are real bonafide products being marketed here. As you will find with any company and product line, there's a mixed bag of reviews with some being good and bad, but it's only to be expected, especially in the health and nutrition niche. There must be something good about these products as they are well recommended by several athletes and they are unlikely to risk their reputations on duff products.

They also get the thumbs up from Jack Canfield, the well known life coach. He says the products have changed his life for the better, there is a catch though, he's a distributor LOL. I trust his reputation though and what he says. However you cut the cake, there are more good words said about this company then there are bad.

This is a legitimate company.

Isagenix began its existence in March of 2002, it was the creation of John Anderson, you will find their centre of operation in Chandler, Arizona. They are most noted for their success with their fat burning and cleansing system, which basically brought in 50 million dollars worth of sales in 18 months. Some impressive figures, and the company continues to grow.

You might want to check out their corporate website, there are some good video presentations to watch. You might also want to look under featured videos and watch the 'Are You Toxic' video. According to Isagenix, almost everything we use and eat is toxic! Oh heck!

How will I make money?

Your money will be made of course from product sales, but also recruiting a team of distributors under you, Isagenix are using a binary comp plan, it can be a bit difficult to understand, so research thoroughly. Essentially you will have two legs a left and right and you need to build both teams correctly and balanced in order to maximise profit (plus benefits from spillovers). To get the most out of a binary you must know what you're doing, so take some time to look into it and fully understand it.

In this Isagenix review we established there is no Isagenix scam. But how will you be successful with it?

Assuming that you do what most people are doing in this company then the chances are that you will fail in this business. Most uplines and companies are teaching the traditional ways to building an MLM business, prospect your warm list and hope for the best. If they have moved online then they may well be marketing their Isagenix website to every tom, dick and harry in the hope someone will sign up!

This is in my opinion the surest way to fail with Isagenix, but assuming you can solve the 2 major problems network marketers face then you are quid's in.

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I hope you appreciate there is no Isagenix scam. To find out how to resolve the 2 key difficulties faced by Network Marketers, stop by his MLM training site now for your zero cost boot camp

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Isagenix, For real Or Not?

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This article was published on 2010/10/02