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Lets look at the promotional side.

They have professional affiliated marketers promoting their product, they have top class designers and technical support. The quality and layout of their site is very high class, which takes high power and knowledge to put together.

The support is on-line, they have training videos, 64 page manual, 2 months to try the product. They have most major Google keywords covered and I have compared there hit rate.

Although they have only been on the market for just over six months, it is quite obvious that they know what they are doing and they are out to make a lot of money, their hits have sky rocketed.

So on this thought it is obvious that they have an excellent product and service as what they have already achieved and how they are growing clearly reflects success and the expense put into the development of this 3d animation software is mind boggling, knowledge and experience and skills does not come cheap.

My last thought is this, It is a digital product that they are promoting which you can download instantly and start 3d animation within minutes............which means it is web based and this means that billions of people have access to their product and reviews, and if they remain positive they will grow.

On the other side of the coin bad publicity would destroy them in seconds could even exclude them from the the Google search ranking.......................ouch!! that would be foolish and I am pretty sure that is not their aim, so it will have to be very good and definitely not a scam, otherwise they would have shot themselves in the foot and would loose millions in seconds!

Well there is an issue discussed about slow download time, I am not fussed about this, in this game, patience is the name of the game, and the fact that the amount of information and application you have to download is massive, make perfect sense to me.

The hot keys:

Software operation adaptability
Same playing level as 3D MAX and MAYA
Pixar and Walt Disney results
Video step by step training
200 page training manual
Online support, membership, updates and email contact service
Rapid animation results
60 day trial period money back guarantee.

This would be a very good place to start:

What do you think?

Thank you for reading Illusi0n (illusion) Scam.


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Illusi0n Mage Scam

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This article was published on 2011/06/22