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The history of Stanley hand tools goes back quite a few years with its founder being Frederick Stanley who set up his shop in Connecticut, the Stanley business largely succeeded because of the quality of its products and the ability to change with the times. The Stanley business was founded in 1843 and largely manufactured hardware, bolts and hinges.

The company continued to grow and although there were many companies profiting from the industrial boom at this time, it is documented that Frederick Stanley had a slightly competitive edge in the form of a high pressure steam engine which allowed him to go on and manufacture many new products including wrought iron straps.  This unique way of developing these products allowed Frederick Stanley to produce products in a very efficient way.

The company continued to thrive but as the years past, Frederick Stanley began to withdraw from the business somewhat preferring to engage in politics and civil affairs in New Britain.  The dramatic growth of Stanley continued however and this was largely down to William H. Hart who joined the company at the young age of 19 and at the age of 21 was on the board of directors.

Stanley was producing hardware in Germany by 1926 and in Sheffield in 1937, however the Stanley works like most companies of this time suffered and sales dropped. Another key member of the Stanley business was Donald W Davis who was responsible for directing and allowing the company to become more competitive in other markets.

During the 1970's, the Stanley Company took the opportunity to work within the Hand tool market, realizing the boom of the DIY market.  The company went on to have many ups and downs but always managing to come through difficult times with the help of many changes and acquisitions and the involvement of many different people over time. This has largely benefited and maintained a strong company through the ages in both tough and booming economies.

Today Stanley hand tools are a large tool manufacturer which offers quality, versatility and wide ranges.  Stanley hand tools include carpentry hand tools, tool sets, measuring tools and many more. Other products are home improvement materials, professional materials and products for mechanics.  It is almost impossible to catalogue all of the products on offer but Stanley hand tools are renowned for the quality  they offer and the wide range of products available.




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History and Stanley hand Tools

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This article was published on 2011/05/23
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