Growing old may not be welcome but is unavoidable

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Growing old may not be welcome but it is inevitable however hard we men and women may try to ignore it . In our society aging is generally considered in negative terms but our collective reaction to health care encourages us to believe it is within our power to alter the biological cycle of aging on the assumption that we can financially afford to.

In general terms our lifespans are now noticeably increasing due to the improvements in medicine,exercise,diet and overall standards of living. Alongside these benefits the "anti-aging" industry is providing numerous products to assist in the process and those produced by the most reputable manufacturers provide medical approval for their products.

It has traditionally been the case that these treatments have been predominately used by the more elderly men and women who require to correct problems caused by the lack of earlier remedial attention in the past. However the latest research figures suggest that there has been a marked increase in turnover caused by the "preventative" products being used by customers of a much younger age.

Market research has shown that those aged 25 to 34 and those aged 35 to 44 years old are increasingly looking for good skin care products to avoid premature aging. This trend has driven sales worth $3.1 billion of facial and body care products for those age groups. This can be compared with almost $ 4.2 billion turnover from the more traditional customers aged from 45 years upwards who still want to look good for their age and reduce signs of aging.

Again looking at recent research figures from the 10 key emerging and mature economies studied nearly $44 billion was spent on general skin care products in 2012, almost $39billion of the total figure was expended on face and body care products. From these figures the anti-aging products form a major proportion and show that those aged 25 years and over accounted for over two thirds of the total consumption.

One question that can be raised from these figures is whether the anti-aging process should be started at an even earlier age. From national statistics it has been established that in France preventative action can be started as early as 15 years of age. Where in the past women were almost the only purchasers, figures now indicate a much larger take up by men wanting exactly the same results.

It is becoming obvious from these turnover figures that these "preventative" products is increasing year on year due in part to the popularity but also by the increase in demand from males and also a major boost from younger users.

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Growing old may not be welcome but is unavoidable

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Growing old may not be welcome but is unavoidable

This article was published on 2013/05/23