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HC HVAC & R Network Recently, good news came from the ancient capital of Xi'an, Xi'an Metro Line air-conditioning project after fierce competition, the ultimate "withering of beauty." Aesthetic

Central air conditioning Metro Line will provide the most technologically advanced company-wide DC v4 + multi-line products. It is understood that the national speed up the city with the recent

Metro The pace of investment, metro central air conditioning at home and abroad become more and more enterprises to become white-hot competition for the new battlefield. The United States and the central air-conditioning in a multitude of strong forest of the competition, and demonstrates superior beauty of solid technical strength, and will further consolidate its leading position in the industry.

According to reports, Xi'an in Shaanxi as well as Metro Line construction in western China's first subway project, total investment up to 18 billion yuan. First start the construction of Metro Line 2 is the backbone of Xi'an subway line north-south traffic, route length 26.4 km. The project was started in 2006 across the board, is expected to be completed in 2011 and put into use. The Metro Project huge amount for the complex technical requirements, including many foreign brands to attract companies including compete. After repeated comparisons of experts, demonstration, and many of the comments, the United States of V4 + and more online in order to improve the reliability of network communication protocols, high season

Energy Efficiency ratio, ultra-long stable operation, complete the construction and service process, overcome the many technical difficulties, a Party to meet the special requirements of the project, culminating in a number of foreign brands and domestic brands stand out, by Party , the unanimous consent of designers and experts.

It is understood that the United States a unique competitive advantage comes from its long-term accumulation of technological accumulation and innovation. From its founding, America's central air conditioning has been to build the world's leading brand for the office of national independence. After many years of innovation and development, the U.S. central air conditioning from a toddler, steadily forward to the completion of eighty or a scratch, perfect from there to the superior transformation, has grown into the leading brand of central air conditioning. The winning project in the United States and the V4 + multi-line, is more representative of the country's most cutting-edge online technology level of a new central air conditioning products. In energy savings, quiet, reliability, design flexibility and other technologies have achieved a new breakthrough. DC variable speed products using the latest industry technology, products, energy efficiency far exceeding the national standard of a current energy efficiency standards, the relevant departments to be included in "energy-saving products the government procurement list." In addition, V4 + and more online products fit state

Green Building , The concept of low-carbon economy, with more green

Environmental protection The new environment-friendly R410A refrigerant and meet the EU RoHS Directive manufacturing process. Products, once launched, it was the first innovation in Guangdong and air conditioning products certified and has won wide recognition market.

Relevant U.S. official said: Recently, the State Council approved the city's subway construction in 22 programs, national rail transportation master plan investment will reach 882.003 billion yuan. Accordingly, China will become the world's largest urban rail transit construction market, while the central air-conditioning products are state-related infrastructure has always been a "necessity", the US's largest urban rail construction will seize the favorable opportunity to fight in more cities Rail project successful, will create a field of rail transportation in China a sign of the brand, and further to a broader international market.

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America's Central Air

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