8-bit Mcu Supports Drive, Automation, Lighting And Energy Efficient Design Of Human-machine Interfac

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New Zealand will be held in Fort embedded technology trade show in 2010, Infineon Technologies AG has introduced two powerful new device family, expanding its cost-effective and scalable XC800 microcontroller (MCU) portfolio. XC82x and XC83x new series is designed to further reduce system cost and improve the energy efficiency of various industrial products.

In the design of fans, pumps, compressors, new lighting solutions, and any power converter motor controller, the main objective is to improve energy efficiency and reduce system cost. The concept of using intelligent control interface with various communication, helping to fully meet these requirements. Infineon XC82x and XC83x8-bit microcontroller series, the industry standard 8-bit 8051 CPU and peripherals optimized for a organic combination, to ensure low operating costs, dramatically reducing energy consumption. In addition, two new series, there are several devices also have special features, can improve man-machine interface design, such as touch screen and LED display.

Due to lack of 0.40 euros (100,000 order quantity) of the low-cost, XC82x and XC83x microcontrollers can ensure an extremely cost-effective ways to achieve energy-saving control concepts. XC82x and XC83x microcontrollers with a variety of features, including capacitive touch sensor and the LED matrix controller, EEPROM emulation, 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), and the hardware connected to ADC capture compare unit (CCU6), window industry watchdog timer, power-down mode and UART, SPI and I2C and other high-speed communication interfaces. XC82x series also integrates a multiplication algorithm unit (MDU). XC83x with a 16-bit vector computer and a field oriented control of ROM library and high current pad (30mA to 50mA).

Infineon microcontroller Juergen Hoika Marketing Director said: "In addition to motor control, intelligent and powerful micro-controller would significantly improve the lighting, air conditioning and appliance energy efficiency, energy saving potential of 40% or more. Inventronics Ling XC82x and XC83x series of such low-cost, easy to use micro-controllers, can help system designers to use complex control methods, to design energy-efficient products. "

Both microcontrollers have several features are: Generating high-resolution PWM signal, fast ADC measurement, self-in peripheral for the control and protection of the comparator circuit, allows designers to use 8 microcontroller design energy-efficient products. In particular, XC82x/XC83x micro-controller with a clock frequency of 48MHz the capture compare unit (CCU6) and a fast 16MHz ADC. The ADC sampling time of only 125ns, conversion time is about 820ns. In the design, ADC and CCU6 directly through the hardware connection, ensuring fast and reliable control loop. In addition, the integrated ADC limit detector also has an 8-bit digital comparator function.

Infineon offers a variety of application packages and tools to meet the key to the new system time to market requirements. Using inDrive800, Infineon provides for drives and automation products, the full set of eight solutions to help shorten product development cycles. Engineers do not need to start from scratch, can be based on Infineon's application suite design. Infineon's application suite is divided into different power levels, using a variety of functional programs. Free IDE and tool chain for easy selection and configuration of the micro-controller and re-use application-specific source code.

Using inTouch800, Infineon is a highly integrated man-machine interface provides XC82x and XC83x series of solutions. Using a 24-pin microcontroller control and management capacity of touch screen or LED-type devices in the operating step, without drives.

Cost-sensitive products need to use, free tool. To this end, Infineon has announced the DAVE ? Bench - Infineon microcontroller development tools platform. XC800 series for the first edition includes a development platform Eclipse-based IDE, DAVE connectors, SDCC C compiler, HiTOP level debugger, flash loader and UART terminal U-SPY (including data).

In addition, Infineon's development tools partners will provide a new version of the Keil C51 compiler. "Infineon XC800 family with increased industrial, automotive and other embedded products, energy efficiency features." ARM Germany GmbH head of microcontroller development tools, said Reinhard Keil, "Infineon XC82x and XC83x series expansion of the cost-sensitive range of devices for embedded applications, help to improve the Keil C51 compiler performance and code density. "

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8-bit Mcu Supports Drive, Automation, Lighting And Energy Efficient Design Of Human-machine Interfac

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8-bit Mcu Supports Drive, Automation, Lighting And Energy Efficient Design Of Human-machine Interfac

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